DeGrind Coffee is a coffee company with more than just coffee. It was sparked by a young man who loves people and loves coffee. Value in relationships play a mighty role in the future of this company. DeGrind Coffee recognizes that there is a need in our local community to feed, clothe, educate and promote the ideas of making a difference even by sticking to your usual day-to-day routine. We aim to win over the hearts of those who love coffee, one cup at a time. All we need is YOU.

How do we achieve our goal?

Through every sale of our Coffee, a percentage of our profit is donated to our charities. This offers our customers an opportunity to make a difference through their love and need for coffee.

Now it’s time for real coffee!

Our coffee is designed to give you exactly what you need, and that is why we have a range of brewing methods to suit your preference. There are many ways to give you the desired cup of coffee from a French Press to the Unique pour over. We aim to cover it all. We know coffee is an art and requires attention which is why our team continuously strives to improve our performance.

We at DeGrind Coffee ask that you please support us in your future coffee runs. Anyone can make a difference and that’s why we are asking YOU for help!

The DeGrind Coffee Team

How we designed our logo

There are 2 main elements to DeGrind Coffee.


Firstly, we are all about community, from our Customers and Suppliers to our Families and Friends. We want to show value in our relationships. No matter where you are, we want to build a relationship with you.


DG represents who we are and what we love, Coffee. 

DeGrind Coffee aims to meet your needs everyday. Whether your day is consumed by Tasks, Meetings or Workplace convos, a cup of Coffee never goes to waste! 

Our Charities

Sukuma Foundation was established as a recognized level 1 B-BBEE contributor in 2018 and an NPO in 2019 to confront the issues of social injustice as experienced to a great extent by communities across the city of Johannesburg. Neglected families, malnutrition and lack of education is only but a few results of these injustices.

They aim to impact our communities and rise up for our nation by functioning as an umbrella organisation for several initiatives that effect different developmental issues: community development, education, economic and skills development, disaster relief, and nutrition. Through this matrix by functioning as an umbrella organisation, they alleviate the inevitable logistical difficulties that are present, when trying to create individual NPO’s. Instead, their memorandum of incorporation makes provision for the establishment of various projects under one banner, thereby simplifying the process. This in turn enables them to extend the scope of their reach.

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Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation was established to assist those in the community that would like to become involved with impacting the well-being of the less fortunate. It is both a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). The organisation’s name was adopted from one of South Africa’s official vernacular languages – iSiZulu – and means ‘Building a Nation’. It is indicative of our commitment to enhancing the lives of our people, and our communities.

They function as an umbrella organisation for several initiatives, covering a broad range of developmental issues; community development, education, economic and skills development, disaster relief, and nutrition. Through these initiatives they aim to impact our communities and build our nation.

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