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Donate to our partnering charity Sukuma Foundation.



Sukuma Foundation was established as a recognized level 1 B-BBEE contributor in 2018 and an NPO in 2019 to confront the issues of social injustice as experienced to a great extent by communities across the city of Johannesburg. Neglected families, malnutrition and lack of education is only but a few results of these injustices.

They aim to impact our communities and rise up for our nation by functioning as an umbrella organisation for several initiatives that effect different developmental issues: community development, education, economic and skills development, disaster relief, and nutrition. Through this matrix by functioning as an umbrella organisation, they alleviate the inevitable logistical difficulties that are present, when trying to create individual NPO’s. Instead, their memorandum of incorporation makes provision for the establishment of various projects under one banner, thereby simplifying the process. This in turn enables them to extend the scope of their reach.

Your donation of any amount will be appreciated!